About to complete my first free item! What is approval?

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12-04-2006 03:53:00

Just wondering.

What goes on during the final stages of freepay offers? Approval and/or verificaton. What happens? Do the people I referred ave to do anything else? Some of these were people on eBay who went green to get money back on their item. I don't know if they will do anything else for me. Is the process something that involves them personally or just checking through the Freepay company?

Just wondering and worrying now a little.


12-04-2006 06:43:54

Hi, Freepay just look at all angles of your referals to check all is in order and no fraud was attempted. If you did everything correctly then there is no need to worry, you will get your item. No action is required from you, just sit back and relax (hard I know p).


12-04-2006 07:05:40

exactly what evilsatan said. Just sit back, and wait for 6 months (after the 1 month for approval)