The Truth to the Aproval Form

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11-04-2006 17:39:17

Ok so I got tired of waiting around for Jake to answer question and went to the source of the problems. Gratis Inc Managment, so i sent my brother to the HQ to get the truth behind the delay in the approval forms and approving accounts.

Well after several hours of discussion my brother got the answers we all want to know and I got my laptops voucher approved.

So here is the deal, Freepay really wanted to close, but the owner is a HUGE Kevin Bacon fan. So they added this little tidbit in the new TOS

[quoteda6e3cdf7d]To be approved for the selected gift you must be able to connect yourself to Kevin Bacon within 6 steps. You must connect yourself within six steps or less. You are the first step and Kevin is the last. If you can not connect yourself with Kevin Bacon within 6 steps you voucher will not be approved.[/quoteda6e3cdf7d]

So I sent in a support ticket with the following

1. I am related to my brother
2. Neils who dated the set designer on "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Voucher", her name is
3. Sarah who worked on "Top Gun" with
4. Val Kilmer who was in "HEAT" with
5. Robert De niro who was in Sleepers with

So as you can see that clearly links me with Kevin Bacon in 6 steps or less. My account was approved the same day I sent them that info, woooo hooooo

PS. This is a joke, lol, please don't put my accounts on HOLD Jake, lol.


11-04-2006 17:43:18

Fuck I'm 7 away.....
No wonder.


11-04-2006 18:18:04

your a booger.


12-04-2006 10:16:58

does seeing kevin bacon's bacon in too many movies make me 1 step away?


12-04-2006 11:50:33

Very interesting hypothesis.

Can you reproduce these results is repeated experiments? P

I expect a report on my desk in the morning. P


12-04-2006 12:28:39

sweet .. i just opened a ticket explaining the 6 degrees of seperation and got approved within minutes ...

1) my roommate is mark
2) mark works for record exec tommy mottolla
3) tommy was once married to mariah carey
4) mariah was in 'glitter' with terrance howard
5) terrance was in 'crash' with matt dillon
6) matt was in 'wild things' with kevin bacon!!

oh man, can't wait to get my macmini!

...but i'm going to have to....


12-04-2006 14:04:24

1. One of my closest friends is a tour manager
2. He toured with Danger Danger (80's hair band)
3. Danger Danger toured with Bon Jovi
4. Jon Bon Jovi was in U-571 with Tom Guiry
5. Tom Guiry was in Mystic River with Kevin Bacon

Since i'm only 5 steps do I goto shipping sooner?