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10-04-2006 17:25:51

what's goin on in germany with freepay is really just ridiculous. they haven't shipped an ipod since february and clearly aren't intending to do so in the near future.
they have been setting green ones back to yellow for no particular reason. and that's no exception. almost everyone, even those who were on processing for a few months, have lost referrals, so that they have to find some new ones.
so what the fuck is freepay doing? i certainly won't search that last referral, cause I'm sure freepay will let me wait a few months and then have another excuse...


10-04-2006 17:29:08

Ok calm down.. they aren't doing it on purpose. The referrals that did offers are problem from the US and did the Music Now offer those are the ones that are going from Green back to Yellow.


10-04-2006 17:30:00

Wow, take it down a notch.


10-04-2006 18:17:30

Hey germany, NEWS FLASH, there people in the states whom haven't got it since feb ok?


10-04-2006 18:18:05

This is still punishment for all that shit with Hitler.


10-04-2006 18:18:48

ya rly, say what you want about him, but i think he was a jerk


10-04-2006 18:25:11

[quotec5af2c49fd="tylerc"]This is still punishment for all that shit with Hitler.[/quotec5af2c49fd]

nice, karma ++

unknown uchiha

11-04-2006 15:57:54

TylcerC, +Kma to you again =D