Approval form twice? Jake?

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08-04-2006 16:53:04

I had all 8 of my refs done, I did the Approval Form, a couple weeks later it looked like one of the refs didnt go through. I had 7/8 required. I had the guy redo it and now I have 8/8 again. They want me to do the Approval Form again? Why do I have to do it again??


10-04-2006 11:11:56

Because, it all needs to be as damn hard as possible so maybe you will give up or end up doing more than 8 refs total.

I'm going through something very similar right now.

I got my 8th ref and after 2 months still no credit. Finally they told me to just have that guy do another offer. They even admitted to him completing one offer but for reasons not disclosed to me I will not be getting credit.

By my count that makes 9 offers completed. Then I will send in my form only to get one of my refs disqualified for reasons that I bet no one will disclose to me.

I can really see this going on forever, well, untill May 30th when my account will get shut down and I will be mocked by all my friends who 'told me so'.


10-04-2006 11:41:36

PM me with your account information and I will see if I can find out whether they actually processed your form.


10-04-2006 11:48:19

Can you check whether they actually processed any forms, please?
Or whether they will be and when?

10-04-2006 15:27:35

[quote015d5be2e4="grm"]Can you check whether they actually processed any forms, please?
Or whether they will be and when?[/quote015d5be2e4]

Nobody apprciates this.


10-04-2006 15:41:17

That's cause you're so far up Jake's liss and probably have gotten everything from Freepay.
Some people have been waiting a month and a half with a deadline still looming. With their "quicker and easier" promise, it now takes longer than it did before the change!

I can't wait to be done with this company!


10-04-2006 16:27:51

Knock it off with the flaming.