One of the best i've come across

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05-04-2006 12:45:39

i was paid $35 the very first day on this site, it rates the reliability of offers. nice for a change

[no ref links last warning]

unknown uchiha

05-04-2006 13:14:14

Lock, please.


05-04-2006 13:19:14

Lock, please.
I dont understand what is lock?

unknown uchiha

05-04-2006 13:20:07

Can a moderator please lock both of this guy's threads? He's double-topic starting and placing his referral links all over the place.

1. It is against the rules of this forum to post your referral link in a thread/signature/etc. unless it is in the Trading Module or PM (only if someone requests it).

2. Do not start two topics of the same nature just seconds from each other. This can lead to a tempban or an overall ban since it violates the "no referral link" rule. Please remove your referral links from both posts ASAP. Thank you.


05-04-2006 13:21:23

first of all i dont know how to delete my own posting otherwise i would have deleted the prewvious one that didnt inclue all the info that i wanted

unknown uchiha

05-04-2006 13:22:47

Edit the post then and remove the referral links. And my signature isn't a referral link since it links to a thread on this site where I am trading for referrals (You know, the way stuff gets done around here).

Plus, you are obviously not looking around the thread. On your top right hand corner of your post you get the choices
"Quote" "Edit" "Delete" "Report"

Hmm, I wonder what "Delete" does eh?


05-04-2006 14:19:30

On most forums you can't delete a post once it's been replied to. I assume that's how it works here. However, you can still use the edit function.


05-04-2006 14:20:57

Just temp-ban this idiot so he gets the picture


05-04-2006 14:55:49

Butt nachos.