Big FreePay-Problems in Germany!

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05-04-2006 09:09:22

Hi Jake!
We have some big problems in germany!
The first problem are the offers in germany. We have no offer which is worth to complete. All offers cost more then 50 and because of the growing number of other Freebie-offerers, on which the offers are cheaper, FreePay isn't attractive anymore.
The second problem is that some of the referals which had done the procedure correct, were deleted. Some of this referals took offers like NetLeih and betandwin.
The third problem is the 90-day-period, which nobody of us can keep at the moment because of the unattractive offers. We have no chances to get new referals.
One solution for this problem would be the reset of the 90-day-period with new, attractive offers (like or the post leserservice again).
I know that you are no german supporter, but you are the only person who can connect us to a german supporter, because the answer of all mails we wrote was only a standart answer.