Shit, Freepay Shutdown..WashingtonPost is Reporting

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01-04-2006 13:39:29

According to the court hearing, Attorney General was [b818fba1d95]HAPPY[/b818fba1d95] to learn that he won the case today on [b818fba1d95]APRIL[/b818fba1d95] 1st. The [b818fba1d95]FOOLS[/b818fba1d95] in the courtroom started to have a sex orgy, which was such a random coincidence. Suddenly, Jake woke up, all wet, finally realizing that to[b818fba1d95]DAY[/b818fba1d95] was.............. D

i blame history

01-04-2006 13:59:26

oooooh this could have been executed much more professionally... it would have made so many people pee themselves!


01-04-2006 14:20:54

I don't think anyone would have believed this today...

special k

01-04-2006 15:33:29

[quote2583ec08d0="ilanbg"]I don't think anyone would have believed this today...[/quote2583ec08d0]
Thats where youre wrong I just had a heartattack. cry


01-04-2006 15:36:43

this is why I said to bring back the -KMA for just today...


01-04-2006 15:46:36

I believe nothing today...


01-04-2006 15:51:41

[quote62da049058="Wolfeman"]I believe nothing today...[/quote62da049058]

and today, nothing belives you


01-04-2006 20:40:46

[quote8f6b3e38b9="Wolfeman"]I believe nothing today...[/quote8f6b3e38b9]
Me neither. Just fun reading.


01-04-2006 21:39:55

[quote3cdcf61895="chillywilly"][quote3cdcf61895="Wolfeman"]I believe nothing today...[/quote3cdcf61895]
Me neither. Just fun reading.[/quote3cdcf61895]

[quote3cdcf61895="The Big Lebowski"]Nihilist We believe in nothing, Lebowski. Nothing. And tomorrow we come back and we cut off your chonson.
The Dude Excuse me?
Nihilist I said
Nihilist "We'll cut off your johnson"!
Nihilist Just you think about that, Lebowski.
Nihilist Yeah, your wiggly penis, Lebowski.
Nihilist Yeah and maybe we stomp on it and squoosh it, Lebowski.[/quote3cdcf61895]