Ummm THREE Green referrals taken away. Why?

Live forum:


30-03-2006 14:36:25

On my XBOX360 freepay site i had 4 greens for about a month now. I log in and now I have 3.

On my Premium Ipods site i had 5 greens, now I only have 3.

Someone fill me in please. What is going on?


30-03-2006 14:38:09

Music Now offer[=http//]Music Now offer most likely

special k

30-03-2006 14:38:38

It has to do with your referrals doing the music now offer most likely. Just look around the forum a bit and you can find more info.


30-03-2006 14:41:41

Oh ok. Thanks for that link Rewman.

How could people just clicking on the offer, without doing it, give credit, that doesn't sound right.


30-03-2006 15:09:07

There probably was a bug in the system.