XBOX 360 UK Status

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30-03-2006 13:43:06

Am I right in thinking FP have started offering a $400 giftcard to users as they cannot seem to source XBOX 360s? From my research it appears these are only for use in US stores?

Does anyone know what the situation is in the UK. Are they sending out XBOX 360s yet? If not are they offering giftcards, how much and where can you use them? Maybe $400 PayPal would be good.


02-04-2006 14:58:45



04-04-2006 15:40:55

[quote7a05c0c227="tomraffe"]Maybe $400 PayPal would be good.[/quote7a05c0c227]

In your dreams sherlock holmes. I doubt the status of xbox 360 would be any better in UK than the US. So your answer would be wait another month or so. It looks like Freepay isn't offering GC anymore.