Toppik Hair Builders

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29-03-2006 14:10:54

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Anyone complete this offer? how was it?


29-03-2006 14:12:51

Incredibly easy and nothing to cancel. You will get spam via email and snail mail afterwards though. I gave my sample to a friend that is indeed balding (at only 25 ( ) and he was not impressed.


29-03-2006 14:14:51

How long did it take for you to get credit?


29-03-2006 14:29:58

Two days, if I remember right. This was just before the TOS change.


29-03-2006 14:36:00

Super easy offer, got credit in two days.


29-03-2006 14:43:44

I got credit within 24 hours... within 12 hours actually. Did it about 11pm, was green when I checked at 10am the next day.


30-03-2006 11:28:09

yeah i just got actual mail from this company...i did the trial awhile ago and now i got mail trying to get me to buy a butt load of their product, lol