Referrals not showing up on my GiftCards Accounts!! JAKE

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28-03-2006 16:09:35

Ok. I know this isnt a problem with my referrals or me.. i am 99% positive this is on freepays side.
I did two trades for my giftcards.freepay account, and neither of the users who signed up under my link are showing up on my referral page. The first person tried to sign up a few days ago.. the second one about 30 min ago.

This may be a glitch with freepays current system.
Anyone else having this problem?

And to Jake.. what is up? Can I get my referrals back?

Both referrals also said they did an offer.. but when i check it, they arent even there.


28-03-2006 16:11:14

I dunno about Freepay but Trainn doesn't do anything about that. I've pmed Alan like 3 times and he hasn't done anything about that.


28-03-2006 16:35:45

i'm one of his trades, i signed up under his link, did the offer, and hes sayin i didnt show up? can anyone please help this?

also, i did like 3 instant offers on freepay sites so far and none are green, so what exactly do they mean by "instant"? lol


28-03-2006 20:04:47

you fools, why are people completeing their offers before they see themselves on their trader's lists?


29-03-2006 09:43:02

ok.. idk.. it seems to be fixed now.. i just told one of my friends to put their e-mail in and it came up as a yellow..
bleh, so there is no way i can get my refs back?
especially since they both did offers...

and yea.. make sure you guys check to see they're on your status list before doing an offer