To those of you without fax machines ...

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28-03-2006 12:24:21

If you need to fax that pesky manual credit request form and don't have access to one ... send me a PM. I've got one and have a few requests to send out myself in the next few days. I'll just include yours when I send out everything.

I believe that's okay with FreePay.


28-03-2006 15:40:14

what about caller ID? will freepay go and DQ people for faxing from the same number now?


28-03-2006 18:11:32

I would recommend going to a drugstore and paying the $1 a page rather than sending your form to the OP.


28-03-2006 18:23:08

I'm just throwing it out here ... since faxing one page or three pages is the same for me.

Man FreePay has made us all paranoid )


28-03-2006 20:11:46

haha i know