Jake, a question about receipts for gift items

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27-03-2006 15:12:22

hello. Im curious to know if you plan to send receipts for items being sent. Im going to use the xbox360 as an example here. I do believe a receipt would be required if by chance we needed to contact microsoft for warranty repair/replacement. Having no receipt would not allow us to get said item(s) that may be broken or damaged warranted. Im anxious to hear your reply. Thanks.


28-03-2006 17:02:37

still awaiting a reply Jake, thx. I beleive this is a legitimate question that should be answered.


28-03-2006 18:58:23


Yeah, you are right. It should be answered but Jake may not have an answer to give.


28-03-2006 19:02:57

They don't send receipts but I wish they did. (