Jake Despite all the hype about the giftcards where are 360s

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27-03-2006 14:32:51

As the title says, despite all the hype on people cashing out with these giftcards through customer service tickets, I and others are still waiting on the 360s to ship. Are you guys still making efforts to secure them and ship them? Please update us on the status.

P.S. - Please exclude all conversation about giftcards from this thread.


27-03-2006 14:34:50

Uh, I doubt anytime soon since it is still impossible to actually find these in the damn stores. Now, I'm stuck waiting again with these BB gcs, but at least this time I have a little more control of the situation.


27-03-2006 16:19:26

Since Things shipments will be picking up in April I will wait until I see it is very available online on Best Buy/Curcuit City site, Freepay ships, Jake says they will ship them soon, or I see them in the stores.