Inconsistent Customer Service responses

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27-03-2006 09:40:35

Like many of you, I've been stuck in the Processing->Pending Approval->Back Order loop for a while. For me, it's been since 1/27. I'd like to chronicle the CSR responses I've gotten. It's just to point out the type of misinformation given out over time and also asks the question If I wasn't on these forums, how would these responses make me feel?

[ba75289d6f3]Asked on 2/21. Was a general question because I had been processing since 1/27 and just wanted to know the estimated wait. I noted that many people were processing while I was returned to "Pending Approval." Response on 2/27[/ba75289d6f3]
[quotea75289d6f3]We apologize for this order delay however; we are experiencing a glitch in our approval system. Please remain patient as we are working around the clock to bring the system back to its full capacity. We appreciate you continued patience in this matter.[/quotea75289d6f3]

[ba75289d6f3]Asked on 3/2. This was because, according to the forums, I became under the impression that people were receiving their items who had ordered after I did. Response on 3/3[/ba75289d6f3]
[quotea75289d6f3]We are on the verification process with AOL (MusicNow) offer temporary. We need to verify with AOL that our customer have completed the offer correctly. If you and your referral have completed the offer properly, our staff will ship the ipod to you as soon as possible. If you do not hear from us within 30 days, please kindly contact us back via this page again. Please be patient. Thank you for your cooperation. We are sincerely sorry for the delay and inconvenience.[/quotea75289d6f3]

[ba75289d6f3]Asked on 3/7. This was because I received the previous 2 answers which were kinda conflicting. I asked why I was being approved again, etc. Response on 3/8[/ba75289d6f3]
[quotea75289d6f3]We apologize for the delay, however due to the recent influx of approval requests and the care with which we approve them, it is taking longer than usual to process the approval requests. Due to the exceptional potential for fraud in our line of work, we have to be very careful in approving accounts and sometimes it takes a while. Rest assured, if there is no suspicious activity on your account, it will get approved and you will receive your free item. We are working on approving your account as we speak. We thank you for your continued patience in this matter.[/quotea75289d6f3]

So basically, /rant off. Conflicting and vague CSRs everywhere.

But I'm just sayin - if I wasn't getting info from these forums, how much more confusing is all of that?