Thanks Freepay Customer Serivce!!

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27-03-2006 09:21:15

Thanks again for giving me another open-ended non-definative answer that just leaves me hanging...

[quote146ef6c950]3/22/2006 84408 AM
I wrote

How soon can I expect for the credit from to be reinstated? With this new 90 day policy it is very hard to be patient for my credit but I am trying. I do not think I should have to find a 9th referral to receive my product and would appreciate it if you could reinstate this users' credit asap. Thanks a lot! [/quote146ef6c950]

[quote146ef6c950]3/22/2006 84614 AM
I wrote

May I also note it has been a full month since his status was DQ'd. Going by your own policies it supposively takes up to 30 days for credit to be received from the advertiser, and it has been over that now.[/quote146ef6c950]

[quote146ef6c950]3/22/2006 113433 AM
customer service wrote

Please do not worry. We will remove the hold from your referral accoun tonce we look into the music now offer. We have been experiencing so problems with that offer we just want to make sure that everything is ok with the offer completion.

So.. not only have they not started looking into the music now offer, they won't give me a timeframe in which it will be reinstated... and give me a new wonderful 90 day time limit for which [b146ef6c950]NOT to worry[/b146ef6c950] during..

I Throw

27-03-2006 09:21:48

don't you mean THanks


27-03-2006 09:23:02

You mean like daffy-duck? With some spit?


27-03-2006 14:39:12

He means with the same typo that many freepay customer reps use.

And I've had [i5e194a386c]two[/i5e194a386c] open-ended responses from freepay in the same support ticket recently.


27-03-2006 15:00:32

yeah, they keep telling me to be patient for a lack of credit for instantcast. i signed up 2/17! still no credit. i think it is time to bite the bullet and give them more money by doing another offer (


27-03-2006 17:31:32

i think its time to drive to D.C. and hit them with a subpoena.


27-03-2006 18:23:54

You do that.

The rest of us will continue to deal with real life issues.


27-03-2006 19:36:55

Who cares about getting credit when they don't even process the people in approval


28-03-2006 05:54:21

I've been fighting with them for a credit for almost 6 weeks now, and all I ever get is that they are "looking into it" or that "it may take at least 15 days longer than the quoted time to receive credit." WTF is that? AT LEAST 15 days longer? So that pretty much means "it may take 15 extra days, but it's at least 15 days, so it could take...oh...another 90 or so." Then my status ends up closed; nothing resolved.

They are acting so shady lately. I'm so through with freepay right now...