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26-03-2006 14:49:35

If it weren't for FreePay's recent expansions, I would say that FreePay/Gratis is exiting this market -- which would be really bad for all of us. The recent advertisement campaign would be a way to attract a last revenue surge before they call it quits. This may be true but I don't believe (and hope) that to be the case.

With the recent expansion into Canadia and Europe, along with planned expansions, FreePay's resources are spread thin. Growth does that to you -- it sucks up your money and talents. While it used to take 48 hours for customer support to answer your questions, now it takes a week. Same thing for the approval process. This mail in a form is a delay tactic. Everything FreePay has done this month was to delay. I'm hoping this delay is for good reason -- that FreePay is hiring the necessary people and developing new and more efficient channels.

This is a delicate game. Every day that FreePay delays, more and more of us get angry. On the plus side, they reinvest their resources to expand, on the negative side, they lose existing community support.

Now the question for a brand spanking new iPod is do we matter? Many of the wisemen have said we don't. After all, we're actually the ones costing them dearly. From the tangible point of view, that is completely true.

But think about what we give to FreePay. How many of your friends have you gotten to try this out ... or even to complete an offer? What was the first thing they said to you when you approached them? Something along the lines of.. "Isn't that a scam?". And what did you do? You convinced the hell out of them that this isn't a scam and you got proof to show for it.
For an $300 iPod, you have become FreePay's best natural born sales person. That's value. In a market that is biased towards caution, that's a real big value for FreePay. "Free iPod" pop-ups dream about having the market reach you've got.

You are young, energetic, early adopters who can generate fads through viral marketing using word of mouth - a marketer's sentence and dream.

So to conclude with something bold, all these questions about 'Oh what happens if my approval is denied, do I get 30 more days?', 'Can we do the site again after 90 days if we failed the first time?' --- they' don't matter.

In fact, [bb06dbecfe3]the 5/30 deadline doesn't matter[/bb06dbecfe3]. FreePay would get so much ... poop ... leading up to the event and afterwards that it wouldn't be worthwhile. It would be suicide. Here's the equation to prove it

Shit FreePay would get per user=
(rage)^n li strength li endurance li speechcraft^3 li personality li K li C - GW - 1

where n = number of sites you got screwed on
K = constant equal to c^2 -- where c is the speed of light in a vaccum
C = universal crapola factor
GW = Goodwill = number of goodies you got from FreePay li 0.

The best thing FreePay can do is to abolish this deadline, sometime in May and be the big hero and return to the old FreePay we all love. Plus, it would make me look good too. I hope you enjoyed the reading.

Fire burns fast.


26-03-2006 15:38:34

Very interesting, but it won't happen.

Ha, conspiracy theories for freesites. P


26-03-2006 17:52:45

I agree with a lot of what you said. It seems to be a stalling tactic while they try to work out some of the stuff they messed up. Also, I'd imagine they're gaining tons of interest on all the Xbox360 money - as well as a lot of the other items' money that aren't being sent due to problems with a particular referral (which we would all like some answers about)


26-03-2006 19:23:26

Even if it is a stall tactic, I can't imagine they'd come back very well from it. Seems more like a delay of the inevitable.


26-03-2006 21:57:20

[quote52d1370271="ilanbg"]Even if it is a stall tactic, I can't imagine they'd come back very well from it. Seems more like a delay of the inevitable.[/quote52d1370271]

What's the plan if they do go under and have all these unfulfilled orders?


27-03-2006 09:29:51

If that's really the case, we're screwed.