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26-03-2006 10:40:55

If this site is completed do you get a shuffle or the 1GB Nano? I can't remember if there is a switch yet or its has yet to occur.


26-03-2006 13:16:11

Switch has not occurred yet.


26-03-2006 13:21:28

I doubt the switch will occur. Then they would not have a site that offered a shuffle.


26-03-2006 14:35:00

Gotcha thanks. Sooo not worth to complete. Is it the 1GB or 512MB that you get?


28-03-2006 10:47:21



28-03-2006 10:59:39

And since the 1gb Shuffle is now $99, I don't think it's worth it... even for 3 offers (plus your own).
Personally, I would like to have a 1gb nano over the 1gb Shuffle. My fiance has the 1gb shuffle I got from Freepay and she loves it. For me, I'd like a screen.


28-03-2006 13:41:04

I've had the offer done for a while I was thinking of just finishing it since its only three, but the price reduction is really a detterent.