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25-03-2006 23:16:02

I traded with a couple people for freepay sites, followed the link all the good stuff. I greened for one and am yellow for the other, the only thing is both of them are telling me that my email isnt showing up as a referal. Any ideas? I used firefox if that makes a diff.


30-03-2006 02:16:54

To those who read this I'm one of the people who's not getting the credit through the offers he does. Please help us!

Here's what I think, but it's kind of a stab in the dark
I've heard that there can be some problems with Firefox due to how it handles cookies. You have to make sure they're all allowed. And when you say you greened and you're that based on emails that Freepay is sending you? Because if Freepay is telling you that you completed an offer successfully, but it's not giving credit to the person who referred you, I would think that's a big sign that it's problems with cookies

Would seeking manual credit be the thing to do in this case?


30-03-2006 06:34:44

I've heard about that kind of stuff a lot recently. Happened to me, too. PM Jake and see if he can help you fix things. It doesn't necessarily have to be caused by Firefox. Maybe Freepay just screwed it up (OH RLY?).


30-03-2006 07:43:35

ive had the same problems recently