hey jake, can u take away this guys green

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25-03-2006 11:30:00

if i give u this guys email address, and freepay site. Can u take away his green, cuz he scammed me. Actually it's two people. Without having me be put on hold.


25-03-2006 11:33:18

It's not possible (though you'd think it Freepay would be happy to have such a feature).


25-03-2006 11:40:22

SHIT. Looks like i've been shafted yet again. Is it possible to find out a person's address, and go kick their ass for scamming u.


25-03-2006 11:44:26

It's possible. It worked for me once.


25-03-2006 17:03:01

yeah, maybe through Jake, but i don't know if he still does stuff like that. you'd need pretty good proof too. I know through customer support you can't do that.


26-03-2006 10:03:54

well there are ways to search for information on the web. google helps, if you know the email address you can go pretty far sometimes. some people put up person information using the same email address, on places like myspace, another web site, etc


26-03-2006 10:28:03

They aren't going to give you someone's address, they wouldn't like to be sued.


26-03-2006 10:33:27

They've already given out personal info


26-03-2006 11:54:47

yeah, didn't freepay sell like everybodys info to advertisers.



26-03-2006 14:50:10

You won't get their personal info from Freepay, but be resourceful and you'll find all kinds of information on anyone.