pcs.freepay shipments

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23-03-2006 21:47:30

can anyone tell me when the last time there were shipments of pcs? is this as slow as some of the other sites? like ipods? i know they were also supposed to be updated, but that doesnt look like its going to happen. i dont know if i should bother pursuing this anymore considering all the trouble with freepay lately.. i dont want to complete it and never receive a pc.


23-03-2006 22:12:30

FreePay is being real slow at shipping things out now. They're VERY slow with shipping out the PSPs. Finish that site if you're halfway finished. They may take a while to send you your items because they have horrible stocking problems, but they may send it out eventually.


24-03-2006 15:08:26

yeah i wanna be dammmm approved now, and then have the site update!!!Jake, why won't the site update?


24-03-2006 15:32:14

Since you've already got 5 refs, I'd finish it off. It'll take awhile to get the product though. I've been approved since 2/7 and I'm still waiting.