Freepay Offer Question

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21-03-2006 14:57:54

i recently refered some friends to my freeipod site, and told them about the however, when they signed up the stamps offer did not show up for them like it did me. is there a way they can sign up for an offer if its not on the offer list?


21-03-2006 15:35:05

not 100% sure,

2% = yes
98% = no


21-03-2006 17:15:10

sometimes offers reach their quota and are pulled for a short time.

Buford T

21-03-2006 19:43:22

[quoted6d55f4538="Rewman"]not 100% sure,

2% = yes
98% = no[/quoted6d55f4538]



27-03-2006 13:27:27

Speaking of offers, has anyone noticed that (at least on ipodnanos) there are no offers that say INSTANT anymore?

I've not looked at the other sites yet, but thought this was interesting since at the begining of the month, all of the offers were showing INSTANT.

Wonder what changed?

3/27/06 EDIT I noticed that eFax is still listed as being INSTANT this morning.


27-03-2006 14:33:00

I'm pretty sure if you did that offer, it won't be available to your referrals. Happened to me on my last 2 sites.