@Jake: Canada Ipod Status???

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20-03-2006 15:53:36

hey i've been processing on a black 4gb ipod nano since 2/17/2006

just wondering what the status is on the Canadian ipods and whether they will be shipped out soon?



21-03-2006 06:14:20

We are waiting for our order of iPods to arrive at our Canadian fulfillment vendor. Once they arrive, they will ship out.


21-03-2006 07:41:11

[quote4a2dae30a8="Jake"]We are waiting for our order of iPods to arrive at our Canadian fulfillment vendor. Once they arrive, they will ship out.[/quote4a2dae30a8]

I pray to god that I'll get approved in time that my iPod will be included in this batch. >_>


21-03-2006 11:46:05

Thanks for the response Jake, hopefully they will reach the vendor soon


21-03-2006 12:13:12

yeah, just gone stv!! How much time does it normaly take to receive it after that?


21-03-2006 20:18:38

weird, the main page when i login changed

it has a picture saying

1 Registration 2 Your Offer 3 Referrals
all say completed underneath

and it says Your Next Step, and it says

"Thank you for your order, it is now being processed. For the latest status click on the link below. For details of our ordering process, please refer to the Help pages."

and thne a link to "View order status"

but when i click the link i get an error which looks like a server error. it says Server Error in Application. and then has a bunch of error codes underneath highlighted in yellow.

i'd post a screenshot but too lazy

uh.. what does this mean?

haha i hope it means i went STV.



21-03-2006 20:44:16

I have the same problem... hopefully nothing got cancelled with the order or anything like that D


22-03-2006 10:06:25

the Orders page is working again. looks like im still processing...


22-03-2006 10:45:02

Yup... me too (

I guess that means we arent in on this shipment, because shouldnt the status be STV if we are gonna get our ipods from this shipment?

If so, that would be a huge disappointment!


22-03-2006 17:00:21

my ipod was shipped today. My status wasn't updated but I received an email from Canada post


22-03-2006 17:31:09

Really, what kinda email was it / how did they get your email address? Was it the email address you used to sign up to the site for?


22-03-2006 17:37:06

yea what was the content of the e-mail?

i haven't received any e-mail and my status is still Processing.

i'm hoping i'm in the shipment that Jake said was in transit still.


22-03-2006 18:58:53

So basically it said
[quote15eb85fb5a]Canada Post will be processing a shipment to you from DMC DIRECT MAIL CANADA INC.
This automated e-mail message has been sent to provide you with the
details of the shipment request generated on 2006/03/22,
085002 for processing.
This item will be shipped by Priority Courier.

Here are the details of your shipment
Item Number 7010991lililililililililili
Weight 0.45 KG
Dimensions Length 15.0 Width 12.0 Height 12.0 CM
Delivery Options
Do Not Safe Drop
Signature Required[/quote15eb85fb5a]

I'm pretty sure it's the ipod, since judging from the pictures from Candians that got their ipods, their boxes said the sender was DMC DIRECT MAIL CANADA. I was approved Mar2, and went STV on monday.


22-03-2006 19:23:01

Wondering what kinda ipod you got...

I have been processing since february 17th for a black ipod nano... If you got approved 2 weeks after I did, I really got the shaft (


23-03-2006 08:00:05

yep... received the email too, status not updated tough...


23-03-2006 09:36:48

yea i've been processing since feb 17th, but no e-mails no status updates.

freepay seems to be really shafting a lotta customers from what i've read on these forums.

i just hope i get my ipod soon so i can use it on my long ass subway ride to work.


23-03-2006 18:46:21

To my surprise I received my iPod today! That was quick ship.


23-03-2006 19:10:00


I am so jealous... hopefully mine is comming soon as well!


28-03-2006 11:43:30

Have any more people gotten their ipods... Still processing since Feb 16th for a nano...


28-03-2006 14:16:40

im still processing too since feb 17th for a black 4gb nano

man i hope it comes by the time my exams are done, i need that for trips to and from work in the summer