Jake, i have a problem

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19-03-2006 15:31:48

Hello, I have a problem with a credit card offer. I had one of my friends over today who was interested in freeipods.com . He sat on the same computer i normally use, and he signed up for the discover offer. Now when I look at my list of referrals, hes not even on there. What happened?

My friend did this offer under my referral link, and is genuinely interestid but his email isnt showing up under my status page (not even the yellow sign that says joined but offer not completed).

I opened up an inquiry on freeipods.com, but this method is more conveniant. I am kind of new to this. Can you tell me what happened?

tell me if u need more info.


19-03-2006 16:36:43

So he used the same computer as you? FreePay might DQ him anyway if he used the same computer as you - just my two cents.


19-03-2006 16:59:07

they won't do anything if he doesn't show up under you, even if it's their problem/glitch.


19-03-2006 17:15:30

ugh... seriously, i have his name, email address, offer, place he lives... doesnt that even help?


20-03-2006 10:54:27

[quote6a85b7b38e="kratos"]ugh... seriously, i have his name, email address, offer, place he lives... doesnt that even help?[/quote6a85b7b38e]

They don't care. If they don't help you and fix their problem, they're getting twice the money. They have resorted to this along with all of their other changes. I provided proof that two people signed up under me the day when they were doing a lot of changes on their system and multiple people had referrals not show up, yet neither jake or customer service would gvie me anything but an automated response.


20-03-2006 11:50:05

kratos, u may get a quicker response if u PM jake. good luck!