Toppik Hairbuilders, AHHH

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18-03-2006 14:41:53

OK, after im done fillin out my CC info and goodies. I press submit-and i get. Credit Card Information does not match w/ address provided or w/e.

But the funny thing is that, THAT ACTUALLY IS the address on my credit card. WTF mate.

I heard toppik was easy, and is one of my few choices left.


19-03-2006 14:26:36

Were you using a prepaid card, because I had the same problem.....

You really dont have to worry about using a prepaid card over a normal credit card for this offer, because its just a 1-time fee, so you dont have to worry about any random $100 charges on your credit card D


19-03-2006 14:32:13

yup i was usin my simon giftcard, i dunno what the deal is.