@ Jake and Freepay: Freepay-Germany situation - the end?

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18-03-2006 04:40:00


I posted this because I/we really need an answer or a statement from Jake. The other users may post problems here, too. D

At first Sorry, that I ask you, Jake. But there is a problem The German Account Manager doesnīt help us!

Iīll try to explain the situation of the German users

- Right now, there are only 3 offers available. All offers cost about $50 and they are all from "Awanda". "Awanda" is a company which isnīt really serious. A lot of users are having problems with "Awanda"
The problem NOBODY can refer 5 or more users who all complete that shit Awanda offers. I waited about 3 weeks but the situation didnīt change! And YES In Germany we also have the 90 Day Policy!

- Support Tickets are "open" for more than a week!
When someone gets an answer, itīs a standart answer

- Some users are waiting for their approval about 2 month! I waited about 1 month, too.
And EVERYBODY is still waiting!


All German users are having problems and problems...

Please help us and explain the reasons!

Sorry for my bad English.
Best regards,


18-03-2006 04:47:31

jonny welcome to the board. you may wish to PM jake with your question as that may get an answer quicker.


18-03-2006 05:09:42

Thanks D

I think every user should know, whatīs going on with Freepay in Germany.
Thatīs why I posted it here.
I can wait for an answer from Jake so thatīs not a problem wink
Iīm German and in Germany we must always wait about a week or more for an answer from Freepay lol


18-03-2006 05:14:31

You probably won't get an answer from Jake unless you PM him Jonny.


18-03-2006 05:30:06

Okay, Iīll send a PM D

I forgot something

In Germany we donīt have INSTANT CREDITS.
It takes up to 1 month to get credited.

Is your situation as bad as ours?


18-03-2006 07:39:14

dammmm and I thought we had it bad. freepay eez goin down derrrr drain.


18-03-2006 07:45:35

Jonny, you 're absolutly right. The Situation in Germany is more than worst an Freepay's Image gets hurt every day a little bit more.

DO, something.

I am waiting since 11. Feb. and very sick.


18-03-2006 14:08:58

Update At XBOX360s.freepay.com there arenīt even 3 offers.
So far there are only 2 and both are from Awanda!!!

LoL, German users are really getting screwed!



19-03-2006 01:50:21

...We 're still waiting...


19-03-2006 03:26:14

[quote55c65e1d69="SZDominik"]...We 're still waiting...[/quote55c65e1d69]

Dude, it's the weekend; I dunno if you guys have them over there but we don't work on them.


19-03-2006 03:48:12

[quote7fed505528="Drummer16161616"][quote7fed505528="SZDominik"]...We 're still waiting...[/quote7fed505528]

Dude, it's the weekend; I dunno if you guys have them over there but we don't work on them.[/quote7fed505528]

hehe, ok sry.


19-03-2006 14:47:42

yeesh, if it were me, i wouldn't waste my time on a freebie site overseas |. Seems like Canadians have it pretty good then.


19-03-2006 15:32:37

But I remember Jake saying Germany was actually doing much better than Canada and that was why they had more new sites that us before.


19-03-2006 16:24:16

I'm also from Germany and I would be very interested in a statement from Jake concerning the situation in Germany!


19-03-2006 20:26:13

[sarcastic comment]
Maybe Freepay has alot of Jewish employees
[/please dont ban me]


22-03-2006 07:06:39

Jake, can you comment on this topic please?


25-03-2006 03:30:03

Is there any answer. I'm waiting for turning my account to approved more than 2 months. I'm bored.


25-03-2006 15:48:54

Hi all,

just my 2 cents http//forum.freeipodguide.com/viewtopic.php?t=35878

best regards vac