i need a few more ref's and i have a few ques's please help!

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17-03-2006 15:10:01

i need just a few more referrals and i dont have any other friends with credit cards. so i was wondering if i can get a visa gift card and let my friends use it to finish the refferals. they have their own computers and different mailing address and if they do different offers will that be okay? or is it beacuse the gift card has the same number and that might put the account on hold? if anybody knows please tell me thanks

i blame history

17-03-2006 18:18:23

i think the only thing you would have to do is get one card for each friend.


17-03-2006 18:19:42

Yea, they're [The Gift Cards] only 20 bucks with a 2dollar handling fee. If you really want something for free, itd be worth it.