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17-03-2006 08:26:38

I know this PS3 release is a ways off, but has anyone been approved for there account or are we all "back ordered".

[b5918aa8126]Jake[/b5918aa8126] How long are we typically in the backordered stage? I read they are rechecking some of our referals, just wondering how long this is going to take?


17-03-2006 08:31:39

I'm pretty sure if you're done and approved, you should be in Back Ordered


17-03-2006 08:45:21

[i92acd9e14b][b92acd9e14b]ME [/b92acd9e14b]What does "backordered" mean. It does not have a explaination button about it. Thanks for the info.

[b92acd9e14b]FP[/b92acd9e14b] We apologize for this delay however; we are currently reviewing certain completed offers in order to determine whether or not credit was properly awarded to those who legitimately signed up for them. We thank you for your continued patience in this matter. [/i92acd9e14b]

in other words they seem to be "rechecking" accounts...meaning there is a chance that I may not be approved...(even though I was approved prior).


17-03-2006 09:18:33

To my knowledge they are only checking to see if any of your referrals did the MusicNow offer, since there was a problem with it. Unless one of your referrals did that offer, you will be approved.


18-03-2006 13:37:26

I contacted Jake via PM and this is what he had to say regarding backorder status

[quotecf15a92fcd="Jake"]The only thing that may happen after this situation gets resolved is that your referrals who did the MusicNow offer may need to complete another offer. What I will also do for those who were affected by this is to lobby for them not to have to go through the whole approval process again.


Put succinctly, if AOL does not pay Freepay for all the MusicNow referrals then we are responsible for it and all hell will break loose. If AOL does pay then we probably won't hear much else about it. No announcements have been made regarding this; however, if Freepay has already made a 'status' on their websites then chances are good we're going to be contacting all of our refs who did that offer.

I signed up and did the PS3s site as well and I am NOT pleased about this. All the people who did sites such as Ipods & Giftcards got their gifts without worrying about the backordered status. All of us who are waiting for our gifts (Xbox360 & PS3) are getting the shaft, especially the Xbox360 people who have been waiting for months as it is and may soon be required to get even more referrals after the long wait.

I don't want to jump the gun on this but Freepay is being awfully silent regarding the matter which leads me to believe that we're all getting screwed.


18-03-2006 14:50:11

Why are you making a big deal out of it, it would be a big deal if it was a PAY offer, it was a 7 day FREE TRIAL


21-03-2006 07:33:00

It is a big deal if you LOSE 4 or more of your referals!!!


21-03-2006 07:36:22

yeah especially if those referrals dont do another offer


21-03-2006 07:48:49

[quote86ea9c2e2a="jy3"]yeah especially if those referrals dont do another offer[/quote86ea9c2e2a]

amen!!! This is my only problem with this situation. 8 refs is no easy task...and what happens if they realize my refs were not legit on 5/15. According to Freepay I have till 5/30 to get approved... cry

also I still get emails from freepay saying someone signed up under me, but I cant see my yellows and greens...If you are checking to see if my greens are legit atleast give me the option to get more just in case...cmon freepay, throw me a frickin bone here!

just had to vent! whew...feel betta! D