Disqualified Referrals + Approval Form - urgent

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16-03-2006 11:07:31

I sent in my approval form on March 7, and at that time, I had 6 green referrals.

I checked my status today, and found out TWO of them were disqualifed for surreptitious behaviour. I decided to wave it off, and got another referral. He completed an offer, and was instantly credited.

I'm back to square one, having 5 out of the 5 required referrals. After 2 unapproved referrals, and re-aquiring another, am I supposed to send in another approval form? I have no idea if my account was already brought through the stage of processing.

Thanks in advance.


16-03-2006 11:39:54

Same here no one seems to know if we need to send in a new form. The only exception with me is I had two refs DQ but still had the required amount for approval. Heck I don't even know if I am supposed to send a new form in but I did anyway - it's better to send a new on in than wait for an answer from the thoroughly confused and semi retarded customer service.


16-03-2006 12:29:01

Jake, do you have any idea regarding sending in a new form?


17-03-2006 03:48:10

Anyone else have suggestions? O


18-03-2006 06:11:56

To sum it all up

Do I need to send in another form? I thought my two disqualifed referrals may have meant that my account was already processed...