Update on Approval Form deadline.

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15-03-2006 08:50:33

I sent a support ticket questioning the deadline in which we must send the approval form, and this was the reply I received

[i65c8740558]3/15/2006 111644 AM
customer service wrote
You have until 6/29/2006 for us to receive the Approval form while you have until 5/30/2006 to complete the site's requirements. Thank you[/i65c8740558]

In addition to this, they just recently changed the message on the Help section so it wouldn't be as ambigious. It was previously stated that you only have 30 days after you complete an offer and obtain referrals.

[i65c8740558]Yes - we require that your Order Approval Form be mailed to us, postmarked [b65c8740558]no later than 30 days after your 90-day account expiration time period.[/b65c8740558] Any Order Approval Forms that we receive after that deadline, will not be accepted and will disqualify you from receiving the free product associated with that particular Order Approval Form.[/i65c8740558]

Thank god, this means I have until June 29, 2006 to send in my approval form. I was slightly paranoid seeing that the status page and help page contradicted each other, and how the FreePay support members were somewhat acting surreptitiously.

Now... to play the waiting game...