This needs to be fixed.

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14-03-2006 15:07:13

Let's say I sign up on a Friday. I'm very good at finishing sites quickly and I do an offer which happens to green instantly or later that day. Let's say also that I'm doing the shuffles site, which only needs a few referrals, and I get enough friends to sign up under me the same day. They do fast offers as well, and they all also credit later that day. So I have 30 days from Friday in order to mail in my approval form. Which happens to be a Sunday. But I also don't have access to the approval form until that same Sunday.

So umm... yeah Freepay should make that approval form available no later than 28 days after signing up, or else anyone who signs up for a Freepay site on a Thursday or a Friday and finishes the site with astounding speed is in trouble. D