Quick Backordered Question?

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14-03-2006 04:37:51

Does "Back Ordered" come before or after Approved?


14-03-2006 04:42:11

I think it was said somewhere that it was just they're way of shutting people up while checking the referrals on their account again. So, I believe it's before.

EDIT Here it is


14-03-2006 06:32:34

Mine came after. I was approved, then went to processing, then went to the "bug" where it said "Pending Approval", and now it's at Back Ordered.


14-03-2006 08:52:33

That sucks...I might still have people signing up under me and I will never know! (can't see em') Hopefully once sony provides details about the PS3 they will start approving some accounts...