Any word on what happens to bad refs?

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13-03-2006 16:35:18

I have 10/10 on my digital cameras and I wanted to know if there was any word on bad refs and the time restraint. i really dont want to have to get another ref unless i have to but if it takes a long time to get processed and then i have a bad ref will the time extend? if not i may be very pressed for time..


13-03-2006 16:45:53

Well on PS3 site I had 10/8 referrals, two were disqualified today (never had ANY refs disqualify before) that made me 8/8 which is still within requirement fufillment for the site...Just to be safe I just had someone do another offer so I am 9/8 again.

I sent my form in on March 2, 2006 - today was the first time I noticed anything changed to my account. I don't know if they got my form or not, but it still says I need to send in the form. I would think they had received my form otherwise why would my refs DQ...I wonder if the status page resets itself to sending in a form if you have a referral DQ. If so that sucks because I would have to send in another form although I still have the required amount of referrals.

There seems to be no concise answer to the situation, I would get another ref just to be safe.