Freepay going out of business?

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13-03-2006 11:22:24

Does anyone else suspect that Freepay is going out of business shortly? Some things that make me think this is the 90 day thing, so they can get as much money as they can before they go out of business. Also, they have not been shipping any items. Also, Jake said before that the 360 thing where it says "pending approval" after people had already been approved was a bug, but now he is saying they are going back and checking referrals again. What's going on Freepay?


13-03-2006 11:33:34

This has been discussed in many other threads, I don't see the point in creating new threads for the same discussion. Jake already stated FreePay aka Gratis is not going under or filing bankruptcy, they just changed their business practice. Also there has been short supply from their vendor, they are looking for alternate sources for these things - we just have to wait....


13-03-2006 11:39:16

Locked for all the obvious reasons and two I plan to keep to myself.