Freepay not crediting recently?

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12-03-2006 21:59:31

Why am I not getting credit?

Referral did True for me this morning (always instant in the past for me) credit.

a friend of mine did Autovantage as per a trade...always instant with my refs in the past...nothing.

I did 2 trades with people on here where I did 2 freepay sites (Passport to Fun, Rhapsody) and nothing (after like 11 days)

Anyone else experiencing this? It's going both ways for me, I haven't seen a green from Freepay either giving or recieving in well over a week.

I wonder if something is wrong with their system.


12-03-2006 23:13:25

I did real arcade yesterday and I'm still waiting for credit.


12-03-2006 23:54:27

Maybe its another WONDERFUL addition to Freepay's latest updates



13-03-2006 06:23:29

I'm lucky enought to have the problem with my referrals, but for me I went green instantly on the k-mart card offer. i've been waiting for two weeks+ on a few greens. of course they're my last two under the mini offer too.


13-03-2006 06:34:32

I've completed two offers for my ps3 account (k-mart and real) over a week ago and neither has given credit yet.


13-03-2006 07:01:22

My 6th referral got credited recently for "Privacy Matters".


13-03-2006 07:03:08

Good to see I'm not the only one here. This is very frusterating.

The 3-month limit and mailing in forms is one thing

but COMPLETELY impossible if they credit slower than any freebie site on the net.

How can we finish in 3 months when it takes a month to get credit?

I didn't get upset with the announcement or agree with the C-rating a4f gave them afterwards...but now I think I'm on board.


13-03-2006 07:10:31

I completed just over 3 weeks ago and never got credit, so I'm trying to get a manual credit now.

Last weekend, two friends completed offers for my ipods.freepay account, and only one has credited. I found out they both did the topik hair offer, and one paid the full shipping while the other did the reduced shipping. The one that paid full shipping has gone green, the other one hasn't. ( So now I'm probably going to have to wait another 2 weeks for another stupid manual credit so i can get my final green.


13-03-2006 07:13:58

I hate to say it but it seems the last green on freepay sites takes forever recently

I wonder if this is intentional. Can't be a coincidence. I've been going green/getting greens within a day on every single other freebie site. The one professional company running a site can't even compete with college kids running a site in their spare time. That is pathetic.


13-03-2006 07:34:14

I also think I'm seeing a marked drop in the ratio of how many greens vs. signups within a certain time period. Don't ask me to write up an equation on it, but I really think I should have had more greens now, going by the rate I had before the overhaul.

I thought time was the only thing against me now. (


14-03-2006 06:41:02

Has anybody else noticed this;
Freepay is recognizing that you did an offer, but holding onto the green until after a 30 day waiting period?
This happened to me when I first signed up for my mac mini offer under somebody else. I put in for manual credit after 15 days as specified and was told -
[quote9d3b7a3479]Thank you for contacting us. Your account has been credited for Complete Home already. The credit will be appeared in your account on 2/21/06. Please be patient. Thank you.[/quote9d3b7a3479]
When I would go back to the Complete Home offer it would not allow me to Try the offer again but would instead say it was no longer available (well that's good, at least somebody recognizes my effort). Sure enough, after the long 30 day wait I went green. Now I know credit cards are 30 day waits, but now every other offer is? This same situation seems to be happening with my last two green referrals too which is really torturous.
Ponderous, F'ing ponderous...


14-03-2006 06:54:13

If I understand you correctly
That means if you wait for greens every 30 days, you can only get 3 in the 90 day time limit.

Enough for a shuffle, ay?!
If you needed a green every 4.5 days(laptops), Impossible!


14-03-2006 07:06:35

I received other greens like normal, but i've been sitting around waiting for my last two to credit. when I signed up originally and this happened to me I was the last green for the person I signed up under. I'm guessing this is just how it is for last greens, or in my case the last two. not all greens.