approval form early??

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11-03-2006 12:13:48

Ok here is my situation

I refered my last friend like a week ago and he told me that he is sure that the ref link worked. He made sure it was in the address bar etc.

Sadly, he still hasn't showed up under my status.

At the time i was 4 out of 5 for the iPod and he was my last referral.

He got credit a few days later and at exact same time I got the message to print out my approval form but he still hasn't shown up under my status.

There is a deadline for the approval form so should I just send it in anyways? But then I might get rejected. But if I wait then I prolly won't get another shot at it.

I tried sending in a support ticket to FreePay but they gave me an automated response concerning refs and some other stuff that had nothing to do with my situation.

What should I do?


12-03-2006 00:09:06

I would respond to the support ticket again, when they send an automated response they don't look at it, but it's not closed. Reply back to it and it should get read. I would also pm Jake before doing anything else.