So I had a dream last night...

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11-03-2006 10:24:28

that I woke up at a friends house and my xbox 360 was sitting on the floor. I guess freepay really wanted to get it to me that morning, anyways I opened it up and it didn't have a remote. In the dream however I was so excited that I got a free xbox 360 that I didnt even care about the remote, in fact i didnt even think about it untill much later


11-03-2006 11:49:46

I think this is how most people will be. Well I know I will. Still I hope it'll include that remote.


11-03-2006 12:49:29

I've had dreams before that a couple of my PS3 yellows have gone green.


11-03-2006 12:57:48

i had a dream that the 90 day limit was taken away, and that everyone was soo happy that freepay actually grew another 400% in 2006 and was like all over the news, kinda weird. It some how involved that Enron CEO guy?


11-03-2006 19:16:00

I had a dream like that a while back too.