STV for your Xplorer? Want to know if it's shipped?

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10-03-2006 18:46:10

This is a bit of a spin off of the DHL trick (which didn't work for me... and for good reason as you will later read), but I hope it helps.

For those of you who don't know, the Xplorer takes between 2 and 3 weeks to assemble for shipment (not only did Jake tell me this, but when speaking with a rep from Cyberpower, he told me the same). When the last day of the third week of my status being 'STV' arrived, I decided to call Cyberpower and ask for any info on the order. Seeing as how I didn't place the order, they couldn't tell me anything. So before getting off the phone I asked what shipping company they used. He answered Fed Ex. NOT DHL!!! So I called Fed Ex and asked if they could track a package I didn't have a tracking number for. He asked for my address (nothing more) and after searching for it, asked, 'Are you Brandon Tomlinson?' As you can imagine, I was completely "stoked." He told me I had a package from Cyberpower Inc. that was scheduled for delivery TOMORROW!!! I can't wait! Good luck everyone else.


10-03-2006 20:12:01

cool, i just sent in my "approval form" i should have gotten my comp months ago though. i waited 1 day shy of 7 weeks for credit. most painful experience everrrrrr in my freebie history.