Wrong account credited!

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10-03-2006 11:22:09

Hey all,

I know for a fact that I signed up for an offer on the flatscreens.freepay.com site and instead received credit on my xbox360s.freepay today?! How strange! Anyone else run into this problem and if so, how did you get it corrected? I ended up sending a support ticket to customer service, but will they believe me? I've completed one referral, pokerexpert.com, on xbox360s.freepay already, why would i want two?! i have an autovantage credit for another freepay site that was supposidely "instant" but has not gone through yet.

sorry just venting.

it just sets back my trade with other users.

any advice, who i should contact or how to deal with the wrong account credited problem?



10-03-2006 12:57:38

happened to me on digitalcameras. They creditted me on ipodnanos.

Anyways, PM Jake with your email and he will correct your problem.


10-03-2006 14:04:14

it's because you didn't log out. So the cookies got confused. That happened to a friend of mine, and they couldn't help him because they can't transfer credit from one account to another


10-03-2006 15:27:21

aww man! that stinks... but it wasn't my mistake. it seems to be the mistake of freepay. i primarily use firefox but i usually use IE to do site! i'm pretty sure i logged out; but ill pm Jake and see if he can help out



13-03-2006 13:58:49

This happened to me recently, too. I think it was because I clicked on the link on one site, then a few days later complete the offer through another link on another site. Jake took care of it. He's a good man. )


13-03-2006 14:28:31

That's happened to me before and Jake fixed it within a few days.


20-03-2006 14:15:24

hey. if anyone else has this problem i do suggest pm'ing jake. be nice too, they work hard. i had a reply in less than an hour and it was fixed.



20-03-2006 14:29:49

It happened to me and they said they wouldn't do anything for me. This was before jake was a rep though.