If I/none of my refs did AOL Music, why am I on back order?

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10-03-2006 05:53:07

I think this is a question being asked by a lot of people Jake. We already know that your CSR's (even you) were told to tell us this was a "glitch", even though it wasn't. I understand you need to conduct an investigation on those who completed that offer, but that should not effect those of us who both didn't do it, and didn't have any of our refs do it.

I'm guessing rather than going into each account, checking it, and then changing it processing (if eveything was OK), you guys will just be doing a bulk approval instead. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated, as it's mid-march and not a single Xbox 360 has been shipped out from FreePay. I'm waiting for the "Help" page to switch to the words "April timeframe" any day now, lol.


10-03-2006 19:43:21