Canadian, no more toppik hair builder, ???

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09-03-2006 16:01:23

What kind of offers do you have available for your Canadian ??? When i subscribed, i completed the toppik hair builder offer but now it's gone and the only one left is Columbia house, which is crap all the way... Is toppik hair builders gone forever ?


09-03-2006 16:13:23

They'll be back in a few days.


09-03-2006 17:08:02

Thanks for the reply but, how do you know that ??


09-03-2006 18:12:46

Freepay does that, I dunno the specific reasons but they go and come. It may not be back for a while. I saw this offer on freeipods and then it didn't come back for another month after it disappeared.


10-03-2006 14:58:40

Now there's no more offers !! It's easy for freepay to put a time 3 month time limit to get all referrals and credit then remove all offers.

What the hell


10-03-2006 15:28:51

haha, I can confirm that there are no offers for Canada psp site.

"Participate in any one (1) of the offers below
to be eligible to receive your FREE Sony PSP!"

"What offer?"


10-03-2006 16:40:26

Thats ridiculous, hey you have 90 days but we're not gonna let you sign up for anything!


10-03-2006 18:03:49

Hahahaha that's funny stuff


10-03-2006 22:47:37

Yeah I don't think the blanket 90 days is fair...but I guess Freepay doesn't really have the obligation to be fair...

I think it should be determined by a combination of number of referrals required and number of offers available...

with one or two weak offers its obviously going to be harder to find referrals...and now with none, its literally impossible...that is a lot of wasted time and many potential referrals simply not willing to wait for offers to show up and lose interest...

I have one referral on freepsps right now...I will try my best, but at this rate I don't forsee myself completing the site in < 90 days...congratulations freepay


11-03-2006 03:28:13

did any one do the toppik offer? how many days does it usual;ly take for crediting this one?


11-03-2006 10:41:47

[quotefaf4e68600="amanj"]did any one do the toppik offer? how many days does it usual;ly take for crediting this one?[/quotefaf4e68600]

It took me 10 days to get credit. And I got the toppik in about 2 weeks.


11-03-2006 10:44:33

I did toppik for another site, and it took me three days to get my product, but from general knowledge they are really slow crediting. They also don't send out confirmation emails until the ship so if you have to apply for manual credit you wont get that email until they do - which can be anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks.


11-03-2006 22:39:07

When I did toppik I got my credit the next day...not sure when I got the product though...this was for nanos...


13-03-2006 13:07:31

There are 4 offers that are up on for Canadians. Two of them require only $1.