No Credit Receievd

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09-03-2006 14:41:51

My GF signed up for a free XBOX 360 and is still yellow after 1 month of completing an offer. She signed up for ScreenSelect in the UK.
After 15 days passed I contacted CS and forwarded my confirmation email, this i what I got

"We have received your confirmation email. However we need to examine this information that was provided by us and we will credit your account if applicable. THank you"

I havent heard anything since. Anyone else had this?


09-03-2006 19:19:39

I would send another ticket to be sure, they may have misplaced it - but if you have been waiting that long, just submit another ticket.


10-03-2006 02:28:14

Thats what I did and got the same response.
I PM'd Jake but no reply as of yet.


10-03-2006 05:53:44

Welcome to the wonderful world of FreePay.


10-03-2006 11:38:41

[quote4dbaad259d="Akademikz"]Welcome to the wonderful world of FreePay.[/quote4dbaad259d]
Funny how although it was slow, it is even slower with a new time limit. Gotta love irony.