30 days before submitting for approval?

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09-03-2006 11:02:28

Today I received credit for the rest of my referrals on psps.freepay.com and I got a very strange message when I checked my status page and it goes as follows

[quote3603847e4b]Although you have the minimum number of referred friends needed to get your FREE Sony PSP, our records indicate that you joined less than 30 days ago. According to our Terms and Conditions, you cannot request approval until your account is older then 30 days. Please check back after 3/23/2006 on this page to continue to the next stage.[/quote3603847e4b]

Yet another hurdle before you get your free product from FreePay? I was fine with the 90 day implementation, sure it was a bit intruding but I accepted that and still got referrals yet now I have to wait 30 of my 90 days just before I can mail my form? Very odd... anyone else experienced this problem?

Jake, do you think you could address this problem for me?


09-03-2006 14:23:01

I'm not sure what you want him to address. He already covered the TOS in thorough detail in a previous thread, and has stated that Freepay isn't going to be wavering on the TOS.



10-03-2006 05:51:02

Just curious if they have a reason for not allowing you to submit your form for approval until 30 days after you've signed up? The 90 day rule was fine by me and now they just throw in this 30 days, and for what? No reason what-so-ever, nice going FreePay. ;)