Freepay and Instant Offers (macmini)

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08-03-2006 07:18:22

I signed up for Macmini for a person, now I've never had a problem with doing offers before but now I am having one.

First I did that Lowes Offer, and am still waiting for that to come thru. Now the person Paypaled me $10 to do that INstant Real Rhapsody offer, and after 4 days NO credit yet. Anyone else having this problem. I can't send a support ticket to Freepay because they want me to wait 15 days for a INSTANT offer, which isnt right. Real Rhapsody has already sent me a confirmation email AND taken the money out of my account.

Any help here anyone....
Maybe Jake you can give me some insight here. This would be the final green for this person I did the offer for, and he would end up being mine on another site. BUT need that credit.



08-03-2006 07:37:14

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do you know if the person you joined under is down to their last green before they can submit for approval on the mini?
also, what browser did you use for the offers?
real was instant for me and for some referrals that signed up under some of my offers so that is strange.
you bring up a good point about the whole 15 day wait though. now that we're on a time limit maybe they should shorten the time necessary to wait significantly. Obviously they don't want to have support tickets flooding in when users wait 10 minutes for a green, but if it's supposed to be instant i don't see why a 3-5 day wait as opposed to 15 is so crazy an idea.


08-03-2006 07:37:32

in my experience the lowes offer and rhapsody can both take up to a week

relax and be patient my friend, I know it's frusterating


08-03-2006 08:12:58

I use Firefox when I did the offer, but have never had a problem before.
And yes this person is on the last green.

That is a good point about shortening the time to wait to submit for a bunk credited offer.


08-03-2006 10:51:22

I have been doing offers all week, just making the money that I can from Freepay sites I know I won't pursue. Anywho all the offers I've done have credited instantly, meaning within the next two or three minutes except RealRhapsody. I just got off the phone with their CSR because not only did they charge me the 1.00 thats common but also 19.99. Then sent me an email saying my card was declined! What! Those bastards already charged me 21.00 then say my card is declined. So I got the guy to refund my card. Now I'm just waiting on it to green.