what do you think about my proposed new TOS

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08-03-2006 06:41:10

first off i appriciate freepay. i just had one thought. maybe it would have been alittle bit better to instead of 90 day period, you instake a 45 day inactive period where if you do get a green in that time you get closed down. this way, if you have those accounts that were just opened to check it out, or just to help a friend with no intention of completing the site closed down, but you give people who have intentions to completing hope. you can also have this scenario with a yellow instead of a green and only 30 days for a yellow. just my thought. i also posted this in the question about the TOS thread. feel free to delete the post that doesnt belong. thanks for letting me put up the idea.


08-03-2006 06:51:40

That you can propose FreePay give hand jobs to every customer but it doesn't fucking matter.

I can see why some of the mods are getting a bit thread locky.

Complaining about where the 6 month back-ordered 360's, back ordered everything else. Ok. You held up your part of the bargain, they haven't theirs.

Asking questions about new TOS loopholes. That's great because there are a ton and I don't think this TOS was thought through very well. What if your 4 week time goes over your 90 days by 1 hour and you have 1 DQ, can you still finish? etc

Proposing new TOS. Proposing changes to the new TOS. Proposing why the TOS sucks. It isn't going to change a damn fucking thing. FreePay doesn't care about your 'suggestions' This is the decision they made, this is what they are going to stick with.