are AOL users ok?

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07-03-2006 09:45:12

I was told that since I have AOL (dial-up) that I will be disqualified to free sites like freepay because my IP would be the same or similiar to others using the same connection #

is this true? should I not bother trying to complete the sites?


07-03-2006 09:45:52

[quoteb13f8f3e98="peterh18"]are AOL users ok?[/quoteb13f8f3e98]

In general, not at all. But, you should be able to do the Freepay sites lol


07-03-2006 13:49:55

get dsl for the same price u are paying for aol )
I have no experience with doing them with aol. just know that my firefox doesnt like allowing the sites to give me credit (