Acer Aspire backordered?

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07-03-2006 00:37:44

I've been approved since 2/7 and was wondering when the Aspires are expected to ship.

I sold my laptop after getting approved thinking I would have one anyday. (


07-03-2006 10:03:30



08-03-2006 10:47:22



14-03-2006 09:36:23

I guess I didn't really need an answer. Still processing.


20-03-2006 08:59:05

Time to check status... still processing. shocking. roll


27-03-2006 10:00:30

You guessed it, still processing.


27-03-2006 10:01:27



27-03-2006 10:14:57

did you send in your w9 yet?


27-03-2006 13:50:24

[quote7e0a3db23f="shortys408"]did you send in your w9 yet?[/quote7e0a3db23f]

Wrong site. I did desktops, not laptops. You don't need a w-9 for desktops.


27-03-2006 14:05:41

they asked me to send in a w9 for the acer


27-03-2006 16:08:16

[quote2c08ac04d1="shortys408"]they asked me to send in a w9 for the acer[/quote2c08ac04d1]

Please don't turn this topic into an argument on whether or not I have to send in a w-9, because I don't. FreePay hasn't asked for a w-9, nor have I heard of anyone else ever turning in a w-9 for this site. If they asked you to send one in, you are the only one I know of and it must be a recent policy change that came after I was approved on 2/7. Jake replied to my PM earlier simply saying, it will be fulfilled soon, whatever that means.

This thread is meant for me to post every Monday and update that I haven't received my Acer, until the end of time. That's all. Thanks


27-03-2006 16:11:10

jake told me the price has gone up for hte laptop and now requires a w9


28-03-2006 04:18:53

They asked me to send one too ;)


03-04-2006 12:36:36

I'd be more than willing to send out a w-9. In my 2 months of being approved, they have yet to ask me to fill one out.


10-04-2006 17:15:36

Another Monday and still pending. Jake did tell me that I will need to send in a W-9, but they will notify me when they want it. This will help them stall for another 3-4 months or until they go bankrupt, whichever comes first.


11-04-2006 02:08:13

I put in my order for the Acer on Friday and have been marked as "Processing" and they have yet to ask me for a W-9.


11-04-2006 10:14:27



11-04-2006 13:53:34

I asked Jake if I could just get the form off of, instead of waiting on FreePay, and he said that's ok and to send it to

I have no idea if that will speed anything up, but at least now, my side is completely done.


12-04-2006 01:00:24

So even though Freepay has yet to say a word about this, I need to send them a W-9 form? Fantastic.