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06-03-2006 18:58:41

Here are some questions that have been asked frequently by users here, and here are the official answers, straight from freepay's mouth

[b5eaede8aca]What happens if I don't meet all of my offer requirements within 90 days?[/b5eaede8aca]
[i5eaede8aca]If you are unable to meet all of your offer requirements within 90 days of signing up for an account (within 90 days of March 1, 2006 for existing users), your account will be closed and you will not be able to access or continue using it.[/i5eaede8aca]

[b5eaede8aca]If my account is closed for a site, can I signup for another one on that same site?[/b5eaede8aca]
[i5eaede8aca]No - per our Terms and Conditions, we only allow one account per FreePay product site. Signing up for an additional account on the same site, will result in your additional account to be placed on "Hold" status. You are however, welcome to signup for another account for a different FreePay product site.[/i5eaede8aca]

Please rant and talk about the answers below. If you're wondering where I got these super-secret answers, well, I'll have to kill you, but, go to http// , or, http//

I think the policy bites, but oh well.


06-03-2006 19:02:12

That's how it stands at the moment, but Jake has yet to clarify some aspects of those policies.


06-03-2006 19:05:20

Not trying to be a smart ass or anything, but which aspects?

It seems pretty straight forward, but I'm 100% sure there are questions about them...mainly, will there be an extended deadline for sites with larger prizes and ref. requirements.


06-03-2006 19:08:15

You just answered your own question.

There's still some things that have yet to be confirmed/denied, so the "Official word" and Jake's threads are the place to go.