Jake - help us understand - referral issues

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06-03-2006 05:13:49

First off, I hate directing this at you, since I don't know you personally, but have seen that you've helped many people on here. I won't even bother emailing this to FreePay support, since I'm sure it will just get a generic bounceback reply

I'm growing frustrated as well as many others on here about the lack of response time for referrals to go green.

How can it be that person "A" competes an offer for person "B" and that referral goes green within a day or two.

Then, person "C" completes the same offer for person "D" and it's been the 15+ days - and no green.

I haven't found anything on here, or on Freepay's site on "how to ensure you get credit". I've followed all the rules, anyone I refer I let them know of the "do's and do not's" - but it still seems like sometimes this whole thing is shady. The closer you get to the "magic" number of referrals, the more that "go lost."

I got a flat screen from you guys about a year ago, before it was freepay - so I know it's not a scam - but lately, it just seems like the moon and planets need to be aligned perfectly to get anything to go green lately.

It's just frustrating, and the whole "we won't look into it for 15 days" isn't right. If it doesn't show up within the timeframe it says on your site (i.e, instant, or 2 to 3 days) - why would it take longer than 3 days?


06-03-2006 05:22:24

PM Jake if you have an account issue. He can either spend his time wading through threads on here, or helping to resolve account issues for people.

Edit I'm sure there have been numerous threads on this topic.