digitalcameras and premiumipods

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05-03-2006 21:52:37

lets see how long they will take
i think jake worked his magic for my account
i went thru approval twice
due to minor errors
and the new policy came up i wouldve had to send in the form

but i didnt have to yay )
its says 3/2/2006 114300 PM Processing

now on my account for premium ipods is 2/2/2006 113100 PM Pending Approval


almost a month i believe
like many people
lets see how this goes

anyone know how long digital cameras will take and when we will get our ipods


05-03-2006 21:55:14

I've been processing on Premium iPods since 1/27, and I know fashionjunkee has been sinced 1/24.


06-03-2006 00:10:39

dammmm lagginggg i wonder how long digital camerasa will take i want the camera before graduation